About Us

I am a registered social worker in private practice, registration no 10-18752. My practice is registered with the Board of Health Care Workers PR NR 089 000 0084913. I am also registered with SACSSP and SAASWIPP. I served as a member of SAASWIPP’s medical aid committee.

I have my own practice which has been operational since 2002 and which has proved to be successful with exceptionally good results. I studied at Potchefstroom University, where I obtained a BA (Social Work) degree.

I have 24 years of experience in the field of Clinical Social Work. My scope of practice embraces all ages, including working with special needs children and a variety of services. Anne-Marie Strydom joined the practice in 2004.  She has a BSc H Dip Ed degree and is a trained Life Coach specializing in child development and goal directive behaviour for both children and adults.

I have established a Supervised Visitation and Bonding Therapy Centre at my practice – KIDSBUZZ. Supervised visitations and bonding therapy take place under the guidance of an independent Social Worker who guide and direct parents and children. A report with recommendations is provided after each visitation.

Kidsbuzz is designed for parents and children to have safe interaction. Contact will take place at our tranquil premises, supervised by a social worker. The role of the social worker is not only to supervise contact, but we can also assist with bonding therapy and guidance should any issues occur during the visit.

Ms Walton has joined the practice in 2018 and Ms Kirstyn Layton and Ms Jaimie Penny (Social Workers) have joined Kidsbuzz during 2019. Ms Layton is currently a student at North West University completing her Master degree. Ms Walton is currently busy with her PhD in social work and is not currently an active role player in the practice.

In the past, the practice has provided in service training and supervision for Honour Students in conjunction with the University of Johannesburg and UNISA.